This is to inform all presenters and participants at IELTI-7 who did not receive their certificates from the Registration Desk that their certificates are kept safe and sound in Dr. Farahani's office, the Dean's Deputy. Should you have any queries, please contact ielticonf@ut.ac.ir

URGENT NOTICE: Last call for Bio Data

We should request all presenters who have not yet submitted their bio data to email it to us ASAP by Monday 00:00 hr


تهران - خیابان کارگر شمالی - بین خیابان 15 و 16 - روبروی آزمایشگاه فنی و مکانیک خاک - دانشکده زبانها و ادبیات خارجی دانشگاه تهران

NOTE on Task-based Teaching Workshop Registration

Registration Fee: Rls. 900,000

Bank a/c

شماره حساب 18711869 به نام دانشکده زبانهای خارجی دانشگاه تهران نزد بانک تجارت شعبه اردیبهشت

Please email the scanned image of your receipt to ielticonf@ut.ac.ir ASAP

Registration Deadline: Tuesday 10 a.m., 18 Shahrivar 1393

Link to IELTI-7 Timetable


TOP URGENT: Conference Program and Workshop

Due to unexpected cancellations, the Conference Program has been modified and all participants will receive the Program by email on Sunday

With respect to several request for a Task Based workshop, one has been scheduled on Tuesday 18th of Shahrivar from 2 p.m to 5 p.m. Registration fee is Rls. 900,000 and is open on Sunday and Monday, 16-17 Shahrivar 1393. Only 40 participants can be accommodated, so it is a first come first served event. MOE teachers are most welcome


All presenters are kindly requested to email their powerpoint slides to Ms. Farzaneh Mozaffari at mozaffari66@gmail.com by Next Sunday, Sept. 7 / Shahrivar 16 at the latest. Please have a lap top computer with you just in case

NOTE: The Conference Program has undergone changes due to unexpected cancellations, and the finalized version will be emailed to participants by the end of the week


Workshops registration will close on Friday Sept 5 / Shahrivar 14


We hereby request those authors who have not yet sent us their bio data and registration documents to email said items by Monday Sept.1 (Shahrivar 10) 8:00 a.m. at the latest, as the Conference Committee is finalizing the Conference Program

NOTICE- Repeated

Electronic registration of all participants who have emailed their registration documents will be confirmed with delay


We should hereby request all authors and participants who have already emailed their documents and received the Committee's "confirmation" of receipt of their docs NOT TO SEND US MULTIPLE DOCUMENTS POSTS. Checking more than 200 emails a day most of which are repeated posts may cause delay in replying to new queries and requests. We sincerely thank you for your cooperation and look forward to seeing you at IELTI-7


All presenters are requested to submit BOTH their registration receipts AND their bio data to help us facilitate and speed up the finalization of the Conference Program. There are several cases of missing bio data or registration receipts which have resulted in undecided presentations. Please email both these documents to ielticonf@ut.ac.ir ASAP, or kindly let us know if you wish to cancel your presentation



All queries should be sent to ielticonf@ut.ac.ir 


Conference Schedul will be shared on the Website as soon as the visa issues of the Keynote speakers are resolved


From Mordad 31st, the Registration Fees will be subject to extra charge- please visit Registration page

NOTE on Full Paper Submission Date

Deadline for the submission of full papers is extended- please check out Important Dates on Homepage. FYI, submission of full papers is not compulsory- please review the terms and conditions in the Acceptance Letter you have received




We should hereby request all respected participants to review the Registration Fee before they finalize their payments! EXTRA CHARGE WILL BE EXERCISED AFTER MORDAD 30 (AUG. 21), SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU WILL NOT PAY THE EXTRA CHARGE BEFORE SAID DATE


Confirmation of online registration will be sent to all participants as soon as we receive all the required documents and check against the electronic files


NOTE on Conference contact email

Please make sure you will send your documents and queries to ielticonf@ut.ac.ir. Queries sent to other email addresses will not be checked out

NOTE: Registration Deadline Extended! Please check out Registration Guide

NOTE on online registration

Online Registrations will be confirmed after the participants' documents (payment receipts, student cards, MOE teachers' personnel Actions) are individually collected. Please make sure you will both complete your online registration and email said documents to ielticonf@ut.ac.ir

NOTE on submitting documents

We hereby request authors and participants to attache all the registration documents to one email, as multiple posts will take much longer time to reply. Students' and MOE teachers' registration will be confirmed when their ID cards and/or Personnel Actions are received. Please make sure you will also complete your electronic registration which will be confirmed after double checking the submitted documents

Urgent NOTE on Bio Data

We should hereby restate our request regarding the Bio Data requirements: Please send your bio as a word document attached to an empty message. Bio Data as inline attachments (email texts) are rejected by the system

NOTE on Registration

All authors are requested to register electronically (please check out registrtion Guide) and email the scanned image of their payment receipt and other required documents specified in Reg. Guide to ielticonf@ut.ac.ir. We are now receiving and saving the bio data, but presentations will be confirmed based on payments receipts, student cards, and Personnel Actions for MOE teachers.

NOTE on un-notified Abstracts

We should hereby inform authors who communicate with us with their hotmail or live.com accounts that our notifications to their addresses fail to deliver. There are also yahoo and gmail addresses to which our replies fail. Apart from that, all authors have been notified of their abstrat status

Please note that abstracts with missing email addresses and titles were already removed from the database, and no notifications will be sent to these authors, as their abstrats were not shortlisted for review

NOTE on Accepted Abstracts

Authors who will receive a Notification of Acceptance are requested to send  a 50-word bio data in a word doc attached to an empty message with the subject "Bio Data" to ielticonf@ut.ac.ir by July 30, 2014 - 8 Mordad 1393. Please make sure your full name is provided especially authors whose email ID is different from their real names

 urgent request: As UT webmail does not recognize hotmail and live.com accounts, and our replies to these accounts consistently fail to deliver, we should request all authors to email us from a gmail or yahoo account, or ask a colleague or co-author to send it to us on your behalf. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we are thankful to you for your cooperation in this matter


The 7th Biannual Conference on Issues in English Language Teaching in Iran is organized by the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Tehran, and will be held on September 9-10-11, 2014

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